Watch Nick Saban play Pop-a-Shot, dab during recruiting visits

One label Nick Saban can't seem to shake is the robotic, less-than-fun persona that many believe is his constant way of life. I get it. When you see that scowl and his one smile a year in front of the camera, it can be difficult to see Saban as anything else.

But there's so much more to Alabama's uber-successful head coach. The man listens to Motown (the greatest genre of music ever so don't even try to argue), he's an expert at the "Electric Slide" and he's now showing off his dabbin' ability and his basketball skills.

He's won four national titles at Alabama in the past seven years, and now he's having fun with recruits and being the human most people don't believe he can be.

Check out Saban's form as he shoots against ESPN 300 offensive lineman Scott Lashley. He needs some work on his accuracy, but his persistence is excellent.

Then, we have Saban dabbin' with ESPN 300 linebacker Lyndell “Mack” Wilson. He looks so natural at it, you'd think he does it when he gets out of bed every morning. His form here is impeccable and notice how he accentuates his five fingers like that. Yes, it's part of the dabbin' process, but Saban makes sure the five fingers representing his five national titles at the college level are more pronounced.

It's so baller.

I wonder what Bama fans think when they see their coach dabbin' like Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who, you know, played at Auburn and won a national title with the Tigers ...