Fund set up to help Kines' grandchildren

Coaches are at each other's throats on Saturdays during the fall and throughout the year on the recruiting trail.

But there's also an unmistakable brotherhood among those guys, and we're reminded of that by what Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has done for the son-in-law and grandchildren of Joe Kines.

Kines' daughter, Susan Kines Langston, was killed in a car accident in Tuscaloosa, Ala., earlier this week. Her husband, Keith Langston, is an assistant football coach at Northridge High School. Their two boys, 14-year-old Matthew and 7-year-old Josh, were also in the car when their mother was killed, but survived the crash.

Smart helped get the ball rolling on a fund to assist Langston and his two boys. Northridge High School head coach Mike Smith also played a key role.

Anybody who would like to contribute should make donations payable to The Keith Langston for Benefit of Susan Kines Langston Fund and send them to the Bank of Tuscaloosa, P.O. Box 2508, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 35401, attention Jim Clayton.