SEC fans recall their pain

I realize this is a road some of you might not be giddy about going back down. Then again, for some of you, maybe it’s therapy.

Either way, here’s your chance to vent about some of the most painful SEC losses in history:

Wayne in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: The most PAINFUL game ever! In 1980, the Florida Gators had UGA backed up on their on 7, 3rd down and 12, under two minutes remaining and ahead 21-20. I was in that end zone, a sophomore at UF, waiting to storm the field! Belue drops back, is almost sacked but escapes and throws to Lindsay Scott, who catches it at about the 25 yard line. "Run Lindsay Run!!" The most hated quote ever made by the great Larry Munson! Aaarghh! I have to go throw up now!!

Andy in Orlando, Fla., writes: Lindsay Scott.

Mike in Kennesaw, Ga., writes: 1973 Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame 24, Bama 23. I can still see Tom Clements completing the pass out of his end zone on 3rd and long to clinch the game.

John in Las Vegas writes: I am a South Carolina fan, so there have been many. The worst was 1984, USC against navy. The Gamecocks were No. 2, and No. 1 Nebraska lost earlier. I was 8, and we were blown out 38-21 by a bad Navy squad. Never been that highly ranked again. Ask any Gamecock fan about it, but stand back. They might be sick.

Chris in West Memphis, Ark., writes: It was 1998, Houston Nutt's first year at Arkansas. I was a junior and flew to Knoxville to see the #8 and undefeated Hogs take on #1 Tennessee. Arkansas jumped out to a 21-3 lead. The Tennessee lady I was sitting next to was already crying about the impeding loss. With less than two minutes left and just needing to run the clock out, quarterback Clint Stoerner tripped on a lineman's leg and coughed up the ball. The next thing I know, I was the one crying on a bathroom floor at the house I was staying at.

Walker in Virginia writes: Almost all of my family went to Arkansas, and I don't think any of them will ever recover from the Clint Stoerner fumble.

Hunter in Venice, Fla., writes: I grew up in Kentucky where football season is known as that thing that starts before basketball season... Blue Grass Miracle, yeah thats painful. But losing to Tennessee and Florida for more then two decades now? That is a House of Pain. Facing these two teams each year cause me more pain than any one loss.

James in Bay Saint Louis, Miss., writes: The Les Miles clock management game at Ole Miss. Nothing more needs to be said.

Marty in Kingsport, Tenn., writes: Tennessee's 21-17 loss to the University of Memphis (or Memphis State) in 1996 is one of the most memorable losses in UT history. A win over the Tigers and the rest of their schedule would have possibly given Peyton Manning and the Vols a shot at the national championship and a possible rematch with Florida without even going to the SEC championship game. The "Phantom" tackle on the KO return late in the game after a Manning scoring drive will never be forgotten.

Daniel in Meridian, Miss., writes: Not really a painful loss, but a win that could be considered painful for a hated rival. Ole Miss played Southern Miss in 1970, ranked No. 4 in the country. Lowly Southern Miss, with the help of Ray Guy, beat the Rebels. Ole Miss is knocked out of the national title hunt and kills any chance for Archie Manning to win the Heisman.

Tom in Savannah, Ga., writes: I was in the stadium for "Punt Bama Punt" in 1972. In the waning minutes of a one-sided game, Auburn blocked two punts in a row and ran them in for touchdowns against an Alabama team that had dominated the game that day. Instead of winning 16-3, the Tigers won 17-16. Ouch!!!

Martin in Ariton, Ala., writes: The 2003 Alabama vs. Tennessee game. The thought of that game makes me want to go throw up all over again. Mike Shula was in his first season at Alabama, and we had that game won so many times. The stupid game should have never gone into OT in the first place. All we had to do was get one lousy yard and we could have run out the clock. Then the infamous 4th-and-19 play. I can't write any more, or I am going to have to start a prozac drip.

Tom in Friendswood, Texas/Erbil, Iraq, writes: LSU vs. USC, 1979. The Trojans came in ranked high, but LSU turned on the crowd noise to upset the Paul McDonald/Charles White/Brad Budde/Don Mosebar/Anthony Munoz machine. A late inadvertent facemask allowed a Southern Cal drive new life, and the Trojans went on to score and win the game 17-12 over LSU.

Sarah in Charleston, S.C., writes: Biggest heartbreaker for me since I've been cheering my Vols on for 16 years was that Bama game from last season. I still cry when people talk about it (sort of). One kick away from knocking our rival and Saban off their high horses. Now THAT''S a real heartbreaker.

Tom in Westmont, Ill., writes: From a 'Bama fan: Losing to Auburn during the 1982 season, my senior year at 'Bama, by one stinking point, 23-22. Some new guy at Auburn named Bo Jackson played a big part in the game. This loss stung for a long time because (1) it ended a nine-game winning streak by 'Bama in the series, (2) it was my senior year, my last game against our hated rivals, my last regular-season game, my last home game and (3) it was Coach Bryant's final game against Auburn and his final home and regular-season game. It still hurts writing about it ... 28 years later.