Jeremiah Masoli starts over at Ole Miss

Jeremiah Masoli Gets New Start At Ole Miss (1:15)

Jeremiah Masoli talks about playing at Ole Miss (1:15)

So far, so good for Jeremiah Masoli.

He's saying all the right things and seems to have fit in well with his new teammates at Ole Miss.

He's handled himself well with the media and has repeated several times how grateful he is to have a "last chance."

There's no question that he can help the Rebels on the field with his ability to move around and make plays. The tricky part for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt will be managing the competition between Masoli and sophomore quarterback Nathan Stanley, who exited the spring as the Rebels' starter.

If Masoli picks up the system (and it sounds like he's off to a good start) and is clearly the better player in scrimmages, Nutt won't face many obstacles in moving Masoli right to the top of the depth chart.

However, if it's close and Stanley plays well this preseason, then it gets interesting.

You have to like Stanley's attitude, too.

"I'm interested in doing what's best for the team," he said.

That's what it came down to for Nutt in deciding to pursue Masoli despite his troubled past.

Said Masoli: "I'm not going to let anybody else down."