Archie Manning weighs in on Tebow's NFL stock

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

As successful as Tim Tebow has been in college football, he's not naïve.

The record-setting Florida quarterback understands he's still very much an enigma when it comes to his pro stock. Some analysts have projected that he might have to play H-back in the NFL.

Tebow isn't ready to go down that road. He's settling in for another year at Florida. But his answer on whether or not he'll be able to adjust to the NFL game at quarterback is a familiar one to Florida fans.

"Whatever happens, I'll work harder than anybody in the country to succeed at it," he said. "Whoever takes a shot on me, I'll give it my whole heart."

Archie Manning, whom the Manning Award is named for along with sons Peyton and Eli, said Tebow is one of the "best football players" he's ever seen.

"He has developed so much as a player, as a quarterback and as a passer," Archie Manning said. "I'm sure he'll admit that there's been greater passers and there's been greater runners. But when you talk about just an overall football player and the ability to lead his team and will his team to wins, I just don't think I've seen anyone do it any better."

Manning also thinks Tebow has what it takes to adapt to the NFL game.

"He probably suffers a little bit because their system at Florida is different than what a lot of pro football teams do and different than what a Southern Cal or a Georgia does," Manning said. "It's not that he's bad at some of those things. They just haven't seen him do a lot of things professional quarterbacks are asked to do.

"But I don't have any question that he will be able to make those adjustments and do what he's asked to do in pro football."