Meyer: Go easy on the Tebow questions

While Florida coach Urban Meyer has no reservations about how first-time starter John Brantley will react on that first critical third-and-9 or with a 275-pound defensive end breathing down his neck, the one thing Meyer will protect his quarterback from is too many questions about Tim Tebow.

That’s right, Meyer has instructed the Florida media relations staff to keep an eye on how many questions Brantley is fielding about Tebow.

“If I saw that was getting to him, he would be off-limits (to the media),” Meyer said. “It’s our job to get him ready to go play, but he handles it probably as good as anybody I’ve ever seen.

“The guy in front of him (Tebow), I thought, answered questions pretty well, too. But Johnny … the way he’s handled this, I love his statement, ‘I’m just a regular guy from Ocala that’s going to play quarterback.’

“That’s exactly who he is.”

Just don’t grill him about that other guy who used to play quarterback for the Gators.