Brutal start for Gators on offense

Florida coach Urban Meyer said while walking off the field at halftime that it was about as bad as the Gators have played offensively as he can remember.

The numbers were surely ugly.

The Gators mustered just 13 yards of total offense in taking a 21-6 lead against Miami (Ohio) into the half. One of Florida's touchdowns came on a 70-yard interception return by Janoris Jenkins.

There were fumbles, bad snaps, a dropped touchdown pass and no semblance of a running game. Tim Tebow WAS Florida's running game the past couple of seasons. Now that he's gone, the Gators look like they're still trying to find one.

It's only the first game, so it's way too early to panic. But seeing the Gators this pedestrian offensively is nonetheless eye-opening.

Quarterback John Brantley did have a nice touchdown pass in the first half where he stood in the pocket, took a hit and delivered the throw on the money to Omarius Hines.

In short, this offense is a far cry right now from the way senior offensive lineman Carl Johnson described it this week.

Remember his promise about how versatile the Gators would be?

Something along the lines of ... "Do you want us to run it on you, or do you just want to lie down and take it? But you're going to get it."

Maybe we'll see that version of the Gators in the second half.