LSU's Les Miles has 99 lives

All this talk about Les Miles having nine lives is bunk.

He’s got 99 lives.

How else do you explain one of the wildest, most dysfunctional endings you’ll ever see in college football?

But that’s Miles. Even when he figures out a way to butcher clock management -- again -- he finds a way to pull out the win, this latest one a 16-14 escape over Tennessee.

The Vols had 13 defenders on the field there at the end of the game, and the right call was made by the officials -- even though one of the LSU players clearly threw his helmet following the bad shotgun snap when it appeared Tennessee had won. The rules state that it’s a 15-yard penalty for removing your helmet on the field of play.

Either way, Tennessee made its own mistake by trying to run new personnel onto the field with so little time left, drawing the penalty that gave LSU one last chance to win the game.

Besides, it was utter chaos on the LSU side of the field.

Credit LSU’s players for making enough plays to win the game in that final drive. The Tigers converted fourth-and-14 on Jarrett Lee’s 20-yard pass to Terrence Toliver when the Vols didn’t send anybody and seemingly dropped everybody into coverage.

Even before that play, LSU was hit with a delay-of-game penalty and then had to call timeout before running a play, another telling indication of how deeply the Tigers’ problems on offense run.

But, hey, the Tigers survived to see another day and are still unbeaten.

How much longer can they continue to survive with their issues at quarterback and their continued mismanagement of end-of-game situations?

Probably about as long as Miles’ luck holds out.