Kudos to Meyer for a classy gesture

When coaches go after reporters publicly, similar to what happened with Florida’s Urban Meyer and former Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler back in the spring, those clips always get big play nationally.

Believe it or not, on occasion there are also touching moments between coaches and reporters, and we saw one of those Monday as Meyer opened his weekly press conference.

Meyer rarely shows a personal side, at least not when the cameras are rolling. But what a classy gesture by the Gators’ coach to present a game ball from the Georgia win to veteran sports writer Robbie Andreu of The Gainesville Sun in memory of Andreu’s father, Robbie Andreu Sr.

Andreu has covered Florida football for nearly 20 years. His father died on Oct. 21 at the age of 87. He was a freshman football player at Florida in 1941 and a huge fan of the Gators. Andreu Sr. left Florida following his freshman year to serve his country in World War II and flew 35 bombing missions over Europe in a B-17. He later earned his law degree from Florida after the war.

He would have been 88 on Monday, the day Meyer so graciously honored him.

Be sure to go to Andreu’s blog and read his tribute to his dad, a season-ticket holder at Florida since the early 1950s.