SEC's all-injured team for the spring

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

It's not uncommon for players to miss all or most of spring practice while recovering from offseason surgery or trying to rest a particular injury.

But the list of players sitting out this spring in the SEC is a virtual who's who. You could almost put together an all-conference team with the guys who've been sidelined or at least limited.

In fact, we will. How would this partial lineup strike you?

  • Quarterback/receiver -- Randall Cobb, Kentucky

  • Running back -- Michael Smith, Arkansas

  • Running back -- Jeffery Demps, Florida

  • Running back -- Mark Ingram, Alabama

  • Running back/return specialist -- Brandon James, Florida

  • Receiver -- Montez Billings, Auburn

  • Offensive lineman -- Trinton Sturdivant, Georgia

  • Offensive lineman -- Vince Vance, Georgia

  • Offensive lineman -- Mike Pouncey, Florida

  • Offensive lineman -- Lee Ziemba, Auburn

  • Tight end -- Tommy Trott, Auburn

  • Defensive end -- Greg Hardy, Ole Miss

  • Defensive tackle -- Jeff Owens, Georgia

  • Cornerback -- Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt

  • Safety -- Eric Berry, Tennessee