Meyer says exit was well planned

Outgoing Florida coach Urban Meyer reiterated Tuesday that his exit had been well-planned and was not a reaction to a tough season for the Gators, who lost five games in the regular season for the first time since 1988.

He even suggested this was something that was discussed a year ago when he initially stepped down and then changed his mind the next day and returned as Florida’s coach.

“I have a great family, as close as you can imagine. ... At one point in a five-year period we lived in four different states bouncing kids in and out of school, not by choice, but just with that in mind that we’re going to go as hard as we can and then at some point pull away,” Meyer said. “They’ve sacrificed for us. Now we’re going to sacrifice for those kids.

“It’s kind of a humbling feeling to do that. Not many people have that opportunity to step away and give back to the people that have given so much to us. The people are those kids. They deserve to have their dad go watch their games and be around.

“I think last December was kind of a frontal blow and let’s evaluate this whole thing for a minute, and we did.”