Honoring the SEC's best interviews

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-- The local Auburn beat writers do a neat thing every year by selecting an Auburn player as the “Good Guy Award” winner.

This year, senior middle linebacker Josh Bynes won the award, which is meant to recognize a player who is consistently congenial and professional in his interactions with the media.

I couldn’t agree more. Bynes is always willing to do interviews. He has fun doing them and gives good, honest, insightful answers. He’s represented Auburn University extremely well during his career.

We in the media too often get hung up on those athletes who aren’t cooperative or go out of their way to be distant or boring in interviews. And in some cases, guys simply don’t like doing it, which is perfectly understandable.

But why not recognize those guys who are really good interviews, guys who always have something interesting to say and genuinely enjoy the banter with the media?

I agree with the Auburn beat writers that Bynes is certainly one of those guys in the SEC.

Here are 10 others, listed alphabetically, that I would put at the top of my list this season:

  • Kentucky receiver Randall Cobb

  • Alabama offensive guard Barrett Jones

  • Tennessee receiver Gerald Jones

  • Ole Miss defensive end Kentrell Lockett

  • Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy

  • LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson

  • Florida center Mike Pouncey

  • LSU receiver Russell Shepard

  • Vanderbilt linebacker John Stokes

  • Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams