Meyer not buying into the Utah/BCS argument

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Michael Casagrande of The Decatur (Ala.) Dailey caught up with Florida's Urban Meyer on Thursday morning, and Meyer had some interesting things to say.

No, he didn't vow his future allegiance to Notre Dame.

But he did make it clear that the ongoing debate concerning Utah and the BCS wasn't really a debate at all in his mind. In short, the Utes aren't ready for the week-in, week-out grind in the SEC.

Now this is interesting on two fronts.

For one, Meyer coached at Utah before coming to Florida and still has close ties to several in that program, including Utah coach Kyle Whittingham.

Secondly, for those SEC loyalists with short memories, Utah blasted Alabama 31-17 in the Sugar Bowl last season.

But here's what Meyer had to say to Casagrande and a small group of reporters while speaking at the All-Star Sports Week convention in Huntsville, Ala.:

"They're doing what they are supposed to do and fighting for the team in state and I can't argue with that," Meyer said. "That Utah team this year and the Utah team we had in '04 -- I don't think they can survive the grind of the SEC, but there are other conferences out there who can't survive the grind, either.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to say that or not, but I will certainly listen to (Hatch) because I know him and I know their coach Kyle Whittingham, to tell them he isn't a BCS coach and they aren't BCS players, it's not true."

You can't blame Meyer for staying quiet on this one.