Winning at home in the SEC

Protecting your home turf can go a long way toward winning a championship.

Just ask LSU, Florida and Alabama, who have been the three best SEC home teams over the past five seasons and have won four national championships among them during that span.

It’s hardly a surprise that LSU is tough to beat at home. Tiger Stadium, particularly at night, is one of the toughest venues in all of sports for the opposing team.

LSU is 32-5 at home over the past five seasons, and three of those losses came during the 2008 season when the Tigers finished 8-5.

Seven of the 12 SEC teams have won 70 percent of their home games over the past five seasons. Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee are in that group along with Alabama, Florida and LSU.

Two SEC teams are under .500 at home over the span: Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. However, the Bulldogs were 5-2 at Scott Field last season.

Here’s a breakdown of how SEC teams have fared at home. Arkansas' record also includes games played in Little Rock: