Poll: Who do you want with the ball?

You're down to one final play, trailing by more than a field goal and have the ball at the other team's 3-yard line.

Of all the running backs in the SEC, who would you pick to handle the ball in that situation?

I've picked out five players for you to choose from. All five are pretty good at finding the end zone, and all five have their own unique style.

No running back in the SEC scored more touchdowns than Mississippi State's Vick Ballard last season. He reached the end zone 20 times. Is he your guy?

What about Alabama's Trent Richardson, who goes from Mark Ingram's sidekick to the Crimson Tide's go-to back? He possesses an incredible blend of power and speed.

South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore finds creases to run through that are seemingly not there, and he's a tackle-breaking machine. He was right behind Ballard last season with 19 touchdowns.

There are some who believe that Arkansas' Knile Davis is the most complete package as a running back in the SEC. He rushed for 1,322 yards and scored 14 touchdowns last season and is as comfortable getting the tough yards as he is making a move and going 70 yards.

Don't forget about Auburn's Mike Dyer, either. He runs so low to the ground, making it just about impossible for defenders to get a good hit on him. He's also one of those backs that just seems to get stronger in the fourth quarter.

Here's your chance to weigh in and pick the back you want with the ball in his hands with the game on the line.

Can't wait to see the results.