Monday chat wrap

Here is today's chat wrap. Busy day on the chat with everything that is going on around the SEC and with the college football season very, very close. We'll all make it, I promise.

Here are some clips from today's chat:

Edward Aschoff (4:03 PM): Hey, everyone! It's time to start off your week with some SEC football chatter. SEC media days are gone, so football is almost near. Hey, the NFL is back and college football practice starts next week. Truly is Christmas in July!

BeardoMSU (Starkvegas!!): Edward, I noticed during the SEC media days Houston Nutt was asked about State's "this is our state" billboard campaign, seeming a tad miffed, he dismissed it as meaningful. Concerning that, the many Ole Miss friends that I have, are not only irritated by this, along with the numerous jabbing (friendly, jabbing of course) from Coach Mullen, but actually get angry. In my opinion, this kinda of dialogue is not only good for my beloved bulldogs, but also good for the rivalry as a whole; perhaps the reason Coach Nutt "finally understands the UM/MSU rivalry". I just wanted your thoughts on the matter. Thanks Ed, keep up the good work.

Edward Aschoff (4:06 PM): I love it. This adds so much to a rivalry that has gone Mississippi State's way these last two years. You could tell Nutt wasn't too happy about it and Brandon Bolden has to look at it every time he goes back home. The Rebels don't want it there and the Bulldogs love rubbing it in their faces. It's not a violent way to miff the Rebs, either, so it's cool. I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion about it leading up to the Egg Bowl, which should make things a bit chippy. But one thing to remember is Nutt out-recruited Dan Mullen in the state of Mississippi last year, so maybe he's upset because he's owed part of that sign as well. It helps the rivalry, just like you said. Now, if we can just get the Egg Bowl back on TV on Thanksgiving night ...

Dylan (Gainesville, FL): What do you see the punishment being for Matt Elam after being cited for alcohol possession yesterday?

Edward Aschoff (4:09 PM): This is the second time in a year he's been cited for being a minor in possession. Yes, it's college and minors drink all of the time. I get it. It's no government secret, but Muschamp has no choice but to punish Elam some way. I'm sure he will having him running until the coaches puke because why Elam is walking around with a drink in public is beyond me. Muschamp should discipline him for not using his head. As far as game time, I'm not sure what Muschamp might do. It was handled internally last time when he and Solomon Patton were cited last summer, but because this is the second time, his punishment could be a little more severe.

Jon (Hernando, Miss.): Hi Edward, just down the road here from your hometown! Driving into Miss from Tenn there is a huge billboard from Miss State claiming this is "our State." After SEC media days, what impressions did you come away with about the Bulldogs? Is this a "now or never" year for them to make some noise or is the rest of the field just too good?

Edward Aschoff (4:12 PM): I don't think it is "now or never" for the Bulldogs. There is a lot of young talent in Starkville and Dan Mullen has everyone there pretty excited about this year and beyond. Dylan Favre should be fun to watch at quarterback and LaDarius Perkins is solid young running back for the Bulldogs. There is also a ton of receiving depth. Defensively, the secondary will lose a couple of vets, but the linebackers will be young this season. I think another 8-9 wins is in the cards this year and could be next year as well with the young guys coming back.

C-Los (Miami but wishing i was in Gville): You put Georgia ahead of the Gators? How? Offense is ready, and Gator Defense is going to be top 5 in the Country, remeber this. One Bad year and people think we are bound for a avergae season. Gators win East this year and likely SEC. Mark it Down.

Edward Aschoff (4:16 PM): Likely SEC? You are putting them up against the stallions of the West? OK. More power to you. Gotta love the confidence, that's for sure. But I put Florida behind Georgia because I think there are too many questions on offense for the Gators. The offensive line is very young and inexperienced and even though it was banged up this spring, it looked really bad in the spring game -- against players it sees every day. Charlie Weis will make the offense better, but that line will have to grow up in a hurry. Defensively, the front seven should be very fun to watch, but who will play free safety? And how confident is the secondary without Janoris Jenkins? Georgia has offensive line depth issues and running back issues, but the defense is more accountable right now and Aaron Murray is arguably the best quarterback in the league. Georgia's line is solid, for now.