Hogs losing battle up front

Give Arkansas credit for having some answers on offense to keep this game within reach, but the Hogs are getting mashed right now up front, particularly on defense.

The disappointing thing about that is that one of the strengths of Arkansas' team this season was supposed to be its defensive line.

You'd never know it by this game, as the Aggies are blowing holes in the Hogs' defensive front seven and lead 28-14 late in the second quarter. Even when the Hogs have been in position, they've missed a ton of tackles.

Already, the Aggies have more than 200 rushing yards and are averaging 10.6 yards per rush.

On the other hand, the Hogs have just 12 rushing yards on 13 attempts.

What's that old saying about being able to run the ball and stop the run?

The Hogs haven't been able to do either one and are getting clobbered physically right now.