Chris' chat wrap

If you missed my chat earlier today, you missed 30 bonus minutes of chat time.

But I'm here for you, and here are some of the highlights:

Justen in Afghanistan: Do you think the Alabama defense can maintain its stranglehold on opposing offenses throughout the year, and is this defense better than 2009?

Chris Low: This defense is great, but I'm not ready to go that far. That 2009 defense was better and more talented up front with Dareus and Cody, and then you had one of the best leaders and most complete mike linebackers you're ever going to find in Ro McClain. I'd still go with the 2009 defense at this point.

Nick in Atlanta: Do you think Todd Grantham is starting to jusitfy the high salary Georgia gave him when he joined as the defensive coordinator two years ago? Is the defense he runs one that attracts high level recruits because of the pro-style preparation it provides the kids?

Chris Low: Ever since the Boise State game, Georgia's defense has played much better, giving up very few touchdowns and fewer big plays. So, yes, I think Grantham has done a good job in his second year, and I think the players are more accustomed to his 3-4 defense the second time around. In scheme, the defense is almost identical to what Alabama runs and a lot of NFL teams, but Georgia has never had many problems attracting great players.

Jacob in Charlotte, N.C.: Everyone keeps asking and remarking how bad Connor Shaw is since Spurrier is only now going to start him. I think he is much better than the stats from first quarter of the East Carolina game indicate. The offense at that point just wasn't clicking with him. From what I've seen, I think Shaw can make smart decisions and can manage the game well. How do you think he'll do against Kentucky, and do you think he'll be able to keep the starting position for the rest of the season?

Chris Low: It's hard to say with Spurrier, who's renowned for juggling quarterbacks. I do think Spurrier is committed to letting Shaw go the whole way this week against Kentucky and see how he does, but the Gamecocks should be able to win that game even if Shaw plays poorly. The real test will come next week on the road against Mississippi State. If the Gamecocks are sputtering in the first half, how inclined will Spurrier be to go back to Garcia? Everybody on South Carolina's staff told me that Shaw outplayed Garcia in the preseason, so I think it's only fair to give him a few games now and see how he does -- and not just a quarter or two.

JwgreDeux in Birmingham, Ala.: How about some love for Michael Dyer?

Chris Low: Here's giving it. This league is full of running backs that are truly a load to tackle. Trent Richardson comes to mind and so does Marcus Lattimore. I put Dyer in that same category, and he probably runs lower to the ground than all of them.

UC in Atlanta: Chris, five weeks in, who have you been more impressed with, LSU or Bama?

Chris Low: How's this for answering your question: I've been more impressed with what LSU has accomplished to this point, beating three Top 25 teams away from home, but I think Alabama has been more dominant to this point in all phases of the game. Now, before I hear it from LSU fans, all that matters is who's more dominant and who's better on Nov. 5. Both teams are loaded with talent. If they played six times, they might split.

Kate in New Orleans: Take a question from a female please! Is Les Miles underrated as a head coach? People said he only won the title in 07 because of the Saban effect, yet he coached those players for three of their four years at LSU. He's 24-5 the past three seasons with subpar quarterback play. I think the fact that he's garnering NFL interest now shows he's been underrated for a while.

Chris Low: I said it on my podcast Wednesday and I'll continue to say it, and that is that Miles does a terrific job. He's a great recruiter as a head coach. His players play hard for him. They genuinely like playing for him, and he's quick to make adjustments on his staff when he feels it's necessary. Yes, he's a bit goofy at times and says strange things (and we can't forget those clock snafus), but he's extremely underrated. Hey, and the fact that he eats grass makes it even better!