LSU hurts Florida with its own play

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Oh, no he didn't!

Oh, yes he did!

The Hat never stops with the trickery or fun, but LSU coach Les Miles pulled out a doozy early in the fourth quarter when quarterback Jordan Jefferson used an old Florida play to make it 34-11.

Jefferson ran toward the line at the 2-yard line and as Florida collapsed on him, he jumped and toss the ball to a wide open Mitch Joseph for the touchdown. Tigers fans went nuts and Florida fans had to be left with an even sicker feeling in their stomachs. Not only was LSU absolutely blowing their football team out of Tiger Stadium but the play that made Tim Tebow so legendary was stolen and used on their team.

That's a double ouch.

There wasn't much life left in this place with the Tigers pretty much going through the motions, but that play sent LSU into a frenzy and the remaining Gators fans headed for the exists.