LSU's Miles never predictable

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – With Les Miles, it never happens the way you think it will.

Something says he sort of likes it that way.

LSU had a fourth down on Tennessee’s 30-yard line Saturday and less than a yard to go. But instead of going for it, Miles decided to kick a field goal.

That’s right, the same Miles who loves rolling the dice.

The only problem was that the field goal was blocked by Tennessee, which was a moot point. That’s because LSU didn’t get the play off in time and was penalized for delay of game.

The Tigers wound up punting the ball from the Vols’ 40 after taking another delay of game on purpose and had to settle for a touchback.

Just the way Miles drew it up.

One thing that seems obvious, at least through the first quarter, is that LSU misses starting center P.J. Lonergan, who's out with an ankle sprain.