Predictions: SEC Week 8

Another week of picks is in the books and at this point it should come to no one's surprise that I still have a comfortable lead.

It's easy if you pay attention to the teams that play and study what each one and its opponents can do. Maybe, Chris, who childishly refers to me as "The Kid," can learn from me and my strategies. Instead of concentrating on getting his predictions correct, he turns to mudslinging. It's quite sad.

I'd love to stoop to your level and partake in this elementary school hissy fit. Really, I would, but winners don't need to. You just rely on verbal barbs to get you by.

You brought up ridiculous rumors dealing with me and the NCAA, called me names and then dragged former Florida coach Urban Meyer into the whole thing. Are those flashy championship rings he has too snazzy for you, Chris? If you want to wear one, I'm sure he'll let you if you just ask.

After going 5-0 last week, my record is now 49-7 (.875), while Chris is three games back with a 46-10 (.821) record. I tried to help him with his Mississippi State pick over South Carolina, but you know how stubborn people of that age can be.

This week, I expect more of the same on my part. See, I know all about winning in the now, while Chris relies on his past wins to help him. I have the "It" factor, just ask my softball team (Turbo Hyped-up Chargers) about my walk-off inside-the-park home run on Monday. Yeah, Chris I did that, and I was sick, too.

Sounds a lot like Michael Jordan, right?

Let's get to the picks:


Chris Low: Hopefully the Wildcats have been reminded several times what Jacksonville State did to Ole Miss last season, because as bad as it's been for the Cats, a loss in this game would make it unbearable for everyone in blue. A week off, though, should give Kentucky new life and a much needed win. ... Kentucky 27, Jacksonville State 17

Edward Aschoff: Kentucky might have had a bye week to prepare for the Gamecocks, but the Wildcats' offense is limping into this one. The hope is that there were vast improvements made on that side of the ball and I think we'll see a couple new wrinkles out of Kentucky's offense. ... Kentucky 28, Jacksonville State 13


Chris Low: With how poorly the Rebels are playing, it's a close race to see whether Houston Nutt is less popular to the Ole Miss fans or the Arkansas fans. The Rebels get the Hogs just as they're starting to get healthy, which could be bad news for anyone who plays Arkansas the rest of the way. ... Arkansas 34, Ole Miss 17

Edward Aschoff: Ole Miss had better hope that Tyler Wilson's arm cooled off during the bye. Yeah, right. Don't count on it. Not only is Wilson on a roll, but the Hogs are getting healthier and healthier, while the Rebels lost two key defenders last week against Alabama. ... Arkansas 44, Ole Miss 10


Chris Low: From now on we'll refer to LSU as Team Turmoil. It's been one thing after the other for the Tigers, but they just keep winning. A lot of teams wouldn't be able to survive losing thee key starters, but LSU isn't a lot of teams. ... LSU 28, Auburn 14

Edward Aschoff: Les Miles was all "no comment" when it came to the status of three of his players suspected of being suspended for this game, but it might not matter. Even though Auburn has surprised folks with its five wins, I don't think it will have enough to keep up with this group of Tigers, even if LSU is without three key players. ... LSU 24, Auburn 10


Chris Low: We know the Commodores aren't going to sit back anymore and take it from anybody. Just ask James Franklin. There's an edge about this Vanderbilt team you gotta like. You also gotta like the way the Commodores have gotten after people on defense this season and that will be the difference in this game. ... Vanderbilt 24, Army 20

Edward Aschoff: Who would have thought that a brawl would almost take place following a Vanderbilt game? Unreal. James Franklin said things would change in and around that football program, and they certainly have. I think there will be some extra juice flowing through the Commodores this weekend and Army won't be ready for it. ... Vanderbilt 27, Army 17


Chris Low: For the second straight year, the month of October has been ugly for Tennessee. It's about to get a lot uglier. The Vols simply can't match up with the Crimson Tide's overall talent and depth. Get ready for another Tide blowout, their fifth in a row in the SEC. ... Alabama 38, Tennessee 7

Edward Aschoff: Alabama is clicking better than any team in the country right now. The Crimson Tide beat up on Ole Miss last week and you can tell that it's going to be hard for anything to break this team's focus. ... Alabama 41, Tennessee 7