SEC fantasy challenge update

It looks like The Kid has some fight in him.

After sustaining yet another crushing loss to both my fantasy team and my manhood, my Young Guns (2-5) pulled out a late victory over Chris Low’s Over the Hill (5-2) in a 104-93 thriller.

Chris made a fatal mistake by not picking up quarterbacks to replace Tyler Wilson or Tyler Bray and also didn't get a wide receiver to fill in for Joe Adams in his lineup, so his team wasn’t fully stocked to compete with mine.

Would the outcome have been different if he played enough played guys? Maybe, but the Young Guns got the win and that’s all that matters.

Maybe Chris was trying see if he could win with less players. Be careful Chris. Your arrogance is showing.

The additions of Rueben Randle and Michael Dyer proved critical as they combined for 21 points. My leading scorer was Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, who tallied 24 points.

Changes will have to be made again, as Jarius Wright returns to my lineup in place of Da'Rick Rogers, who has a tough game against Alabama this weekend, and Michael Ford replaces Marcus Lattimore at running back.

With Aaron Murray on his bye, Jordan Rodgers gets the starting nod next to AJ McCarron.

Chris is actually making lineup adjustments this week. He's replacing Tyler Bray with Jarrett Lee and Marquis Maze will fill in for Alshon Jeffery, who is on his bye this week.

Here's what last week looked like:


QB: Aaron Murray (326 yds, 3 TDs; 11 rushing yds) -- 26

QB: AJ McCarron (224 yds, 1 TD; -9 rushing yds) -- 12

RB: Marcus Lattimore (39 yds, 1 TD; 29 receiving yds) -- 11

RB: Michael Dyer (73 yds) -- 7

WR: Da'Rick Rogers (63 yds) -- 6

WR: Rueben Randle (86 yds, 1 TD) -- 14

DEF: LSU (7 pts, 2 INTs, 1 Win) -- 13

K: Georgia (4 FGs, 3 XP) -- 15

TOTAL: 104


QB: Tyler Wilson (No stats) -- 0

QB: Tyler Bray (No stats) -- 0

RB: Trent Richardson (183 yds, 4 TDs; 30 receiving yds) -- 45

RB: Spencer Ware (80 yds, 1 TD; 13 receiving yds 1 TD) -- 21

WR: Alshon Jeffery (24 yards, 1 TD) -- 8

WR: Joe Adams (No stats) -- 0

DEF: Alabama (7 pts, 5 sacks, 1 INT, 1 fumble, Win) -- 18

K: Ole Miss (1XP) -- 1