Auburn wakes up in second half

After a slow first half for Auburn, the Tigers bounced back in the second for a 35-16 win over Samford.

The Tigers moved the ball well in the first half, but had a couple of costly fumbles. On a day when most of the SEC was caught sleeping, the Tigers regrouped nicely in the second half, outscoring Samford 21-6.

Clint Moseley's maturation continues to grow, and he actually helped Auburn by making a play with his feet, running in for a 22-yard touchdown that sealed the game.

Michael Dyer showed once again that he isn't afraid of taking a pounding, carrying the ball 30 times for 157 yards and a touchdown. He truly has become the workhorse running back Auburn was searching for in this offense.

Auburn was far from perfect Saturday, but the Tigers won and generated a little momentum heading into next week's Iron Bowl. And while Alabama didn't look great on Saturday either, Auburn will need momentum before the Crimson Tide come to town.

The Tide has looked a little shell shocked since losing to LSU, but you can bet this team will be more than fired up for Auburn next week. Last year's game is surely still haunting these players and a loss essentially eliminates Alabama from the BCS race.

Auburn will need to play its best game next week. Preparation for the Tide probably began when the clock hit zero today.