The SEC and elite prospects

We’ve taken a snapshot of how the entire SEC has done in terms of reeling in ESPNU 150 prospects going back to 2007.

We’ve also included the combined record on the field during that span along with any national championships, SEC championships and/or BCS bowl appearances.

Florida has signed more elite prospects than anybody in the country (66) since 2007. In what was his first full class, Will Muschamp signed nine ESPNU 150 prospects this year.

It’s worth noting, however, that former Florida coach Urban Meyer signed a total of 36 ESPNU 150 players in his last three classes from 2008-2010, but the Gators were just 8-5 in his final season in Gainesville (2010) and were 7-6 this season -- losing nine SEC games along the way.

Vanderbilt signed its first ESPNU 150 prospect in this class -- athlete/running back Brian Kimbrow of Memphis.

After the Big Four:Florida (66), Alabama (51), Georgia (40) and LSU (40) -- Tennessee is next in the SEC with 28 ESPNU 150 signees since 2007. It hasn’t translated onto the field, though, as the Vols have suffered through three losing seasons in the last four years and lost 27 games over the last four seasons.

Arkansas gets the award for doing the most with the least. That is, when you start counting ESPNU 150 signees. The Hogs have brought in only eight since 2007, but are 44-21 over the last five seasons, including 10 or more wins each of the last two seasons and a BCS bowl appearance in 2010.

Here’s a look at the whole league:

  • FLORIDA: 66 ESPNU 150 signees, 50-17, one national title, one SEC title, two BCS bowls

  • ALABAMA: 51 ESPNU 150 signees, 55-12, two national titles, one SEC title, three BCS bowls

  • GEORGIA: 40 ESPNU 150 signees, 45-20, one BCS bowl

  • LSU: 40 ESPNU 150 signees, 53-13, one national title, two SEC titles, two BCS bowls

  • TENNESSEE: 28 ESPNU 150 signees, 33-31

  • AUBURN: 27 ESPNU 150 signees, 44-21, one national title, one SEC title, one BCS bowl

  • SOUTH CAROLINA: 21 ESPNU 150 signees, 40-25

  • ARKANSAS: 8 ESPNU 150 signees, 42-22, one BCS bowl

  • OLE MISS: 6 ESPNU 150 signees, 27-35

  • MISSISSIPPI STATE: 5 ESPNU 150 signees, 33-30

  • KENTUCKY: 2 ESPNU 150 signees, 33-31

  • VANDERBILT: 1 ESPNU 150 signee, 22-40