What do you love about your football team?

With Valentine's Day less than 24 hours away, we thought we'd give you readers a chance to express your most heartfelt feelings toward your schools.

Everyone loves their alma mater, or the school they're somehow drawn to, so here's your chance to let us know just how much you care about your SEC football team.

We want you to write our mailbag expressing to us why you love your school's football program or why you love the SEC in general. We want to hear from all fan bases, so make sure you put the school's name, player or coach you're writing to.

Have fun with it. Get mushy if you want or be as serious as you want. Tuesday is the day for you to let your guard down and tell us what you think about your schools. Like last year, we'll post the best ones Tuesday, so reach deep down and find the right words.