College pipelines to the NFL

February, 28, 2012
ESPN The Magazine's LaRue Cook has an interesting piece where he takes a look at the FBS teams that sent the most players to the NFL combine in 2011 and 2012 and which of the players were ESPNU 150 recruits coming out of high school.

His goal was to find out which programs produce NFL talent with elite recruits and which ones do so without elite recruits.

He narrowed the field to the 13 schools that were responsible for at least 12 total combine invitees and ranked them by the percentage of those players that were non-ESPNU 150 prospects.

Four of the schools on Cook's list were from the SEC, although the team topping the list was Boise State, which sent 13 players to the combine over the last two years -- none of whom were former ESPNU 150 prospects.

Here's the SEC rundown:
T-6: Georgia
2011-12 combine invitees: 16
Former ESPNU 150 recruits: 4
T-6: LSU
2011-12 combine invitees: 16
Former ESPNU 150 recruits: 4
10. Alabama
2011-12 combine invitees: 14
Former ESPNU 150 recruits: 5
11. South Carolina
2011-12 combine invitees: 12
Former ESPNU 150 recruits: 5



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