Chris' weekly chat wrap

There was an air of restlessness in the chat room today. The Arkansas and Tennessee fans are convinced that I hate them. Not true on either count. But, hey, it will be another group of fans next week.

Here's a snapshot of what you missed:

Bill: Ed wouldn't answer this question honestly. Will you? Why do you hate Arkansas?

Chris Low: What makes you think that I hate Arkansas? In fact, I have a great relationship with all the people at Arkansas, from Jeff Long, to Bobby Petrino, to their staff in sports information and the players such as Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis and past guys like Jake Bequette. If I rank the Hogs lower than you think they should be or don't pick them in a certain game certainly doesn't mean that I hate them. The best environment I've been to for a game in the last two or three years was the Alabama-Arkansas game in Fayetteville in 2010. I look forward to coming back!

Concerned Tennessee Fan: I heard a rumor that UT is suing ESPN over your lack of positive articles about the Vols. Is there any truth to this at all? Seems silly, to me.

Chris Low: Yep, I have a team of attorneys handling the case for me, and I'm talking high-priced attorneys.

Wayne in Florida: I'm positive you won't answer this, Chris, but I will try anyway. You said Alabama was FOURTH in RB stables, not feature back but STABLE meaning all the running backs combined behind South Carolina and Arkansas. Please explain this. Outside of Knile Davis and Marcus Lattimore, those two don't have a stable and they proved it last year.

Chris Low: Just off the top of my head, I would say that's about right -- maybe third or fourth. LSU would be my top choice in terms of overall running backs. Arkansas would be second. Davis, if he's healthy, is one of the best in the country. Also, go back and look at what Dennis Johnson did last year. Ronnie Wingo is a mighty talented third option. Lattimore, like Davis, is one of the best out there, but Wilds was one of the best freshmen in the league last season for South Carolina. Again, I think Alabama would be right there at either third or fourth. Lacy is very good. Fowler is more of a power back, and Hart sounds like he's the real deal, but hasn't played yet.

Bill in Chattanooga, Tenn.: What is the deal with your top 25 players list? How could you leave Da'Rick Rogers from Tennessee off the list while putting Alshon Jeffery from South Carolina on it?

Chris Low: It was a close call. Rogers caught nine TD passes and Jeffery caught eight TD passes. But in SEC games, Jeffery caught five TD passes and Rogers three. Plus, Jeffery made the play in the bowl game with the big TD catch to turn that game around and send South Carolina on its way to a win. Rogers had more overall catches and yards, I'll grant you, but Jeffery meant more to his team. Rogers brooded much of the year and was a divisive force at times. He was a complete no-show in the Kentucky game. In short, he had good numbers, but didn't have the overall impact that Jeffery did on his team. That said, when you do a list like this, there are always going to be players that are deserving who are left off, especially in the SEC.

Anthony in Columbus, Ga.: Thoughts on Crowell for next season?

Chris Low: I think he will mature from his freshman to sophomore season. He also needs to get mentally tougher, and he should. His teammates have gone to bat for him, and that's a good sign. If these things happen, he has all the physical tools to be a 1,200-yard rusher. He's a better runner between the tackles than he's given credit for and has great moves. I just want to see him be more of a gamer in the fourth quarter.