SEC bracket challenge update: Week 2

We have a new leader in our SEC bracket challenge.

Jnhatcher0405's "Rammer Jammer" bracket has taken over the challenge with 1,020 points, after accumulating 560 points over the weekend. Jnhatcher0405 has each of the Final Four teams remaining (you really picked Louisville, huh?) and has Kentucky beating Kansas in the national championship. Our leader has 640 possible points remaining.

Kentucky is the overwhelming favorite in the challenge to take home the championship. Eleven of the top 12 brackets have Kentucky winning it all.

Losing Michigan State and Florida State from the Final Four hurt my bracket (Six rings and counting). I'm tied for 16th with 840 points and 640 possible points remaining. My national championship pick of Kansas is still alive.

Chris' Final Four is in shambles, with only Kentucky making it. His bracket (secconfadmin 1) is without Missouri, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Picking the Badgers is never good. Interesting how the ending to the basketball season was eerily similar to how the football season ended ...

You're better than that, Chris.

Chris is tied for 110th with just 710 points, and has 480 points remaining.

This is the weekend of truth. Win the weekend and you win the right to make SEC blog history. Get those good vibes going!