SEC bracket challenge winner announced

It's been a few days since Kentucky was crowned national champs in college basketball, but it's time to reveal the winner of the SEC Blog Challenge.

After going with the Cats and racking up 1,660 points, jnhatcher0405 and the "Rammer Jammer" bracket took home the gold. The Rammer Jammer bracket finished in the 100 percentile and was solo at the top out of the 341 people who signed up in our group.

A major congrats is in order.

That means jnhatcher0405 has the honor of leading our mailbag Monday. (We've moved the date to Monday in order to give our winner prime-time billing.)

So, jnhatcher0405, contact me via your ESPN account in order for us to go over things before Monday. If you know jnhatcher0405, let him or her know that they've won and it's time to collect.

As for Chris and me, well, things didn't exactly end the way we had hoped. With Kansas losing to the Cats, my bracket accumulated 1,160 points, ranked 99th in the group and finished in the 76.6 percentile. Chris picked Kentucky and finished with 1,190 points, ranked 83rd and was in the 80 percentile.

Congrats again to our champion!