My Friday chat wrap

After being on the road earlier this week, I was able to stop by the chat room a day later than usual.

Here's a glimpse of what you missed earlier today if you weren't around. As you might imagine, there were a few questions about the Arkansas situation:

Hooligan writes: Where does Bobby Petrino land in the next year or two? College level or NFL?

Chris Low: Hard to see him getting any shot again as an NFL coach with the way he left the Falcons. I could see him landing somewhere in the NFL as a coordinator. As far as college, he's going to need somebody at a smaller school to take a chance on him.

ManicTigah writes: How "good" will Zach Mettenberger be this year? I hope he is "focused" on everything.

Chris Low: I can tell you that in talking to LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis following the spring game that Chavis wouldn't relish facing him. Mettenberger will give that offense another dimension with his ability to throw the ball down the field, which should make that running game even stronger.

Bama Fan in Denver writes: Chris, how are you? I wanted to ask if you could shed some light as to what the deal is with Duron Carter? What is the reason that we hear so little about what the "issue" or "issues" are with him - all I ever read is that he remains suspended or ineligible, with no additional explanations. So what's up with that?

Chris Low: I don't think it's just one thing. Changing his lifestyle would help as well as adhering to what he's been asked to do in order to get back onto the field. At this point, I don't see him playing next season unless he goes about things differently.

Hunter in Knoxville, Tenn., writes: Does Tennessee have the best passing attack in the SEC next season?

Chris Low: It's hard to see a better one on paper if everything goes right -- like [Da'Rick] Rogers staying focused and not being a problem off the field, [Justin] Hunter recovering in full and [Tyler] Bray taking on more leadership duties, which he's done this spring. You add Cordarrelle Patterson to the mix, and defenses are going to have some tough decisions to make. All that said, I still think Tennessee has to run the ball better than it did a year ago to win the big games.

Isaac in Oxford, Miss., writes: What do you think about Coach Freeze moving Randall Mackey to wide receiver? Is it a sign that the other quarterbacks are that good, or a sign of how desperate we are at skill positions?

Chris Low: No, I think coach Freeze is trying to get as many playmakers on the field at one time as he can, and Mackey has shown that he can make things happen with the ball in his hands. He just may not be suited to play quarterback.

Blues writes: Chris, I admit I admire (Jeff) Long for doing the right thing, but I think it will eventually cost him his job. How long before Long changes from being "The man that did the right thing" to "The man that fired the best coach Arkansas ever had?"

Chris Low: The thing we're all probably forgetting in this whole deal is that Long has bosses, too. You know everything he did in conducting his review of Petrino and deciding to fire him was done in consultation with the chancellor. He wasn't on an island in making this decision.

Bryan in Springdale, Ark., writes: You are an AD of a top 25 school. Do you hire Petrino as your head football coach in 5 years? 10 years?

Chris Low: Nope, too risky. He's proven to this point that you can't really trust him even though he's a very good football coach. At a smaller school who hasn't had a lot of success, I might take a chance as an AD on him. But not at an SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12 or Big 12 school. He would have to go elsewhere first and show that he's changed his ways.