Bigger staffs are big advantage

When it comes to college football, the old saying of "bigger is better" rings true.

The big boys stay near the top of the game and continue to have the most success when it comes to bringing in all those future stars of the sport.

But it goes beyond campus surroundings, recruiting efforts and a big-name coach. The handful of people coaches decide to surround themselves with also makes a difference. Schools that have bigger staffs are usually more prepared and more successful in the world of college football, as ESPN.com's Alex Scarborough writes.

Scarborough takes a look at both Alabama and Georgia as models. Alabama has 146 non-coaches who work in the university's athletic department, while nine individuals work under athletic director Mal Moore.

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham talks about how he works approximately 100 hours a week at the Bulldogs' football complex, but he might not ever leave his office if there were fewer people working behind the scenes for the Bulldogs.

"There's a lot of guys that work behind the scenes in the preparation part, in the video part and then in the recruiting aspect, too," Grantham said. "There's no way that one person can do all that."

This is a good read about the impact large staffs have on programs and how a smaller program like North Texas is looking to equip itself with more people to help behind the scenes.