Texas A&M unveils new uniforms

Annnnd just like that, we yet again have new uniforms popping up in the SEC.

Arkansas introduced us to its new uniforms last month. Then, Vanderbilt unveiled its sharp new unis Wednesday. Not to be outdone, Texas A&M created its own spotlight by unveiling new Lone Star TECHFIT football uniforms by adidas Thursday.

"Our team is really excited about the new uniforms for the upcoming season," coach Kevin Sumlin said. "Adidas has done a great job of developing a uniform that provides a look that blends our great history and tradition, with a modern look that our players and recruits will really like. We are looking forward to wearing them this inaugural season in the SEC."

Here are some notes on the new unis from A&M's release on the new threads:

  • The new home maroon and away white adidas Texas A&M Lone Star TECHFIT jerseys are reminiscent of a 1970's era uniform, which featured unique vertical stripes down the shoulder.

  • The new uniform’s stripes continue down the shoulder and onto the adidas TECHFIT base layer for a sleek and aerodynamic look and player numbers appear directly on the adidas TECHFIT compression sleeves.

  • Texas A&M’s Lone Star uniform features an updated logo which appears on the Aggies’ adidas TECHFIT pants, compression base layer, adizero Smoke gloves and newly designed helmet.

  • The logo design is a fusion of the school’s traditional "ATM" mark within the state of Texas outline. The newly designed modern jersey number font is inspired by the Texas A&M logo detail and the Aggies’ new uniform is completed with maroon, white and grey adizero Smoke gloves and cleats and adidas Team Speed socks.

Oh, and there's another white helmet in the mix. And yet again, I'm a fan of the white helmet. I don't know what it is about those white helmets. They just look so sleek. Well done.

ESPN.com's Paul Lukas was all over Uni Watch with the Aggies and provided his own review of A&M's new look. There's video and some more pictures to look at, so check out his review!

Here's a nice photo gallery from A&M's official website for your jersey viewing pleasure.