Slive to stay on for 'couple more years'

SEC commissioner Mike Slive, who turns 72 later this month, still has unfinished business.

His contract was set to expire on July 31, but he tells the Associated Press that he has agreed to stay on "at least a couple more years."

"I have agreed with the league that I will stay at least a couple of more years, and then we'll sit down and decide what happens after that," said Slive, who makes just over $1 million a year. "Don't forget it takes two. It's not just me making a unilateral decision. Both of us need to make that decision."

Slive's leadership has been invaluable over the last several years, and he's emerged as one of the most powerful figures in college sports.

Not only has the SEC won six consecutive national championships in football, but Slive is negotiating new television deals for the league that are expected to be the most lucrative in college athletics.

"There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mike Slive is the best commissioner in the nation," Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said. "It's not an accident that the dominance of the SEC in recent years coincides with his tenure as commissioner. We all know the SEC has won six straight BCS national championships in football. His leadership transcends football and even all of athletics."