Miles makes sure players are safe during storm

With Hurricane Isaac making landfall and heading for Baton Rouge, La., LSU coach Les Miles is taking the necessary steps to ensure his players are safe.

Miles said during Wednesday’s SEC coaches call that he has given players a few options of where to stay. He said he advised players already residing in student housing to stay there because of how safe the buildings are and the fact that they’ve been through multiple storms before.

“It’s not in an area where conventionally you’d think there’d be any hazard,” Miles said of the student housing. “It appears to be the safest.”

He has also encouraged players living off campus to evaluate how safe their lodging is. He has told players that they can stay in the football facilities, where Miles currently is, or inside Tiger Stadium.

Miles has also encouraged players to keep in touch with friends and family who might be greatly affected by the storm, especially in southeast Louisiana.

While there has been no change in the status of LSU’s home opener with North Texas, LSU was forced to cancel practice Wednesday because of the storm. He said the rest of the week’s schedule will be determined by how strong the storm is Wednesday night, and how slowly it moves through the area.

This isn’t the first time LSU and North Texas have had a storm get in the way of a game against each other. Miles’ LSU debut in 2005, which came against North Texas, was postponed because of Hurricane Katrina.

Miles acknowledged his team’s bad luck with North Texas and how weird the situation was.

“I don’t think North Texas had anything to do with it, but it is an unusual coincidence,” he said.