Kiffin bites his lip ... sort of

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin was asked a couple of different ways about SEC officiating Wednesday on the coaches teleconference, but he made it clear he wasn’t going down that road.

Kiffin was reprimanded by the SEC earlier this week, his second reprimand since taking the job, and was warned in a letter by SEC commissioner Mike Slive that he would be subject to suspension if he violates league policy again this year.

On one of the questions Wednesday, Kiffin was asked directly if he felt like he’d been treated fairly by the SEC since taking the Tennessee job.

Nothing was mentioned in the question about any specific teams or any specific coaches, but this is how Kiffin answered the question:

“I’m moving on from last week. I’m not getting into conversations about it and whether I feel that we have been treated different than, per se, Florida or Alabama or Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. I’m going to stay away from it and get ready for this week. We need to get a win. We’ve got a big-time team coming in here.”

You think it’s any coincidence that Kiffin just happened to mention Alabama, Florida, Saban and Meyer when answering a question about being treated fairly by the SEC?

Gotta give Kiffin credit. Even when he doesn’t answer the question (as badly as he wants to), he’s pretty good at making his point.