Monday chat wrap

We had another successful chat from earlier today, so here's the wrap. And here's a preview if you were too bummed about the way the Braves finished the season in that play-in game to turn on your computer this morning:

CP (Clearwater)

DASH,Swamp was bumping on Sat!!! Even though it felt like 200 degrees in that student section that 2nd half was nuts!!!!! As a man in your position how much do you really think home field advantage plays in the SEC. I try to explain to my FSU buddies all the time but they just don't get it. I mean look at how crazy those gamecocks were on Sat night, that place was rocking too and I'm glad we get the Ole ball coach at home. I still think FL is too high at 4 and hope these kids heads don't get BIG and they stay hungry!!

Edward Aschoff (12:04 PM)

Well, that was a lot to take in right there. I think home field factors a lot in games. Those home crowds around these parts are insane. I have never seen atmospheres close to what I see in SEC stadiums. It's great. And when you have a struggling offense inside a hostile environment (LSU is a perfect example) the crowd can totally take a team out of the game.

Kyle Smith (Atlanta, GA)

Edward, will Ole Miss make it to a bowl game after the heartbreaking loss to A&M??? Is Ole Miss good enough to pull an upset on LSU in Death Valley?? Do you think the coaches take full responsibility for the loss?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

Ole Miss has the offense to make it to a bowl, but those turnovers are so costly. This team just can't afford to give the other team the ball as much as it does. The defense is better than it was last year, but it's still struggling in key situations. But games against Auburn, Vandy and Arkansas still remain. It wouldn't shock me if the Rebels were favored in all of those games. I'm not saying Ole Miss will win all three or make it to a bowl, but this team certainly has a good chance to do it.

Michael (Atlanta)

How 'bout those Gamecocks! I was there Saturday and it was electric! Here's my question: Can Steve really keep the team focused and think one game at a time? We can beat LSU and UF if we play the same way, but I'm worried about looking too far ahead...thoughts?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

Focus has always been an issue with this team after big wins. After beating Alabama a couple of years ago the Gamecocks lost to Kentucky the next week. That loss to Auburn last year crushed the Gamecocks' SEC championship hopes as well. This team certainly won't be overlooking LSU, but it has to feel a little more confident now than it did a week ago against the Tigers. I think this coaching staff will keep this team grounded as much as it can because it's been through this so many times.

Scratches (D'ham, NC)

Who's got the biggest problems: Auburn, Arkansas, or Missou?

Edward Aschoff (12:10 PM)

A week ago I was saying Arkansas. Now, I'm saying Auburn. The Tigers can't move the ball at all on offense. And when they did last week they turned it over. It's really hard to watch that team play. Arkansas had the SEC's worst defense heading into the game, but Auburn couldn't capitalize on it at all. Things are worse on the Plains than I expected. I'm eating crow now because I thought Auburn would be much better than it is. MUCH better