Monday chat wrap

It's time for the Monday chat wrap. Here's a preview if you're still trying to get over how the season premiere of "The Walking Dead" ended and you couldn't concentrate enough to get through today's chat:

Dan (College Station) [via mobile]

Can A&M beat Leu this weekend? Also what do you see our record being at the end of the season with the way we are playing?

Edward Aschoff (12:06 PM)

This is a very intriguing game. Johnny Manziel has been nearly unstoppable since the Florida game. But honestly, what defenses has he played against? I think he's been one of the most exciting players in the country, but when he played a quality defense like Florida, he was shut down in the second half. LSU is going to bring a lot of heat, but has the able to play solid contain. We are really going to find out what kind of passer Manziel is. Also, if the Aggies can't run the ball, it's game over. This is the last home game before the Aggies go on the road for three straight weeks. And remember, this team doesn't have a bye. I say they get at least eight wins this season.

Matt (Alabama)

Does Chizik fire Loeffler to save his own skin?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

What difference would that do? It's not just the coaching. The personnel isn't as good as we thought. I think you'll see changes after the season, but the players have to check back in and play with some pride and fire. We haven't seen that this season on either side of the ball.

Clint (Birmingham)

Undefeated SEC champ, Undefeated Oregon, Undefeated Notre Dame. Who gets left out of the BCS championship?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

Notre Dame. Outside looking in at this point. Michigan State stinking it up isn't helping the Irish.

Dylan (Clinton, Ms) [via mobile]

Hey Ed, do you think LSU still has a chance of winning the national championship with that big win over South Carolina Saturday?

Edward Aschoff (12:09 PM)

Yes, and I thought it did before the game. This defense is just nasty. It's fast and powerful. It was worn down against Florida because that offense was so bad and Florida's defense got the TIgers off the field quickly. If the running game continues to play like it has for the most part, I think the Alabama game essentially becomes a quarterfinal for the national championship. Don't sleep on the Tigers.

Ron (ATL)

Ed--not buying into the hype of UF being #2 with the BCS. This team is still young and developing on the offensive side. These next two games could realy expose this. What packages do you think Pease is developing this week to keep the South Carolina defense off ballance? Going down the stretch don't you think the Gators need to show a little more balance vs. top tier teams like SC, UGA, etc?

Edward Aschoff (12:12 PM)

I agree. I just got through writing that this team is an enigma. It's very similar to the 2006 team in that respect. And that team won it all. I'm not saying the Gators will, but when you look at the numbers it's eerily similar to 2006. But this team doesn't have the threat to pass that 06 did and it doesn't get after the quarterback like 06. It runs better and has better special teams. I know this league is all about running and defending, but Alabama can throw and run. So can Georgia and South Carolina to an extent. Florida hasn't in the last two games and I don't know if it can keep that up against South Carolina and Georgia.