The SEC widens lead in power rankings

With big losses in the Big 12 and Pac-12, the SEC took the largest lead of the season in the ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings.

Even though Florida fell five spots in the polls, the SEC saw a major rise from Georgia, which beat Florida, South Carolina, and Texas A&M. Those schools rose at least five spots with their wins. The SEC's rating fell to 97.8 after a -1.6-point change, but with the Big 12 having Oklahoma and Texas Tech losing, the conference's rating fell to 87.6 after a -3.4-point change. Kansas State is now the lone Big 12 team that doesn't have at least two losses on the season.

Five of the SEC's 15 teams have fewer than two losses.

The Pac-12 also had its second and third best teams -- USC and Oregon State -- lose, which dropped the conference to a rating of 84.4.

The SEC is still first in the AP rankings and second in the computer rankings.