Bobby Petrino gets another chance

You knew Bobby Petrino would get another chance somewhere.

He's too good of a football coach and too proven a football coach for somebody not to bite the bullet and bring him aboard -- baggage and all.

That somebody was Western Kentucky, which moved quickly after Willie Taggart left for South Florida and has hired Petrino.

It's not the SEC, Big 12 or even the ACC. It's the Sun Belt Conference, but that's exactly the kind of gig I felt all along that Petrino would have to take if he was going to try and revive his coaching career.

Nobody in the SEC was going to touch him, and there were three openings this year (not counting the Arkansas job). School presidents in this league wanted no part of the public relations bloodbath that would have occurred by bringing Petrino back into the SEC.

That said, the guy hasn't forgotten how to coach.

Taggart had already done an excellent job with the Western Kentucky program, so I have no doubt that Petrino will come in there and continue to have success. He won at Louisville. He won at Arkansas, and he'll win at Western Kentucky.

He has nothing left to prove on the field. It's off the field that he'll have to redeem himself, and specifically, with regard to telling the truth.

At Arkansas, the affair isn't so much what got him. It was the combination of hiring his mistress in the Hogs' football office and then not being truthful with his boss.

When you add in Petrino's clandestine meeting with Auburn officials while Tommy Tuberville was still the coach back in 2003 and his leaving the Atlanta Falcons high and dry when the season was still going on in 2007, that's three major strikes against him.

Good thing for him he's not playing baseball.