USA Today report: Assistant coaches' salaries

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

When Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin put together what he called his dream staff back in the offseason, it was pretty obvious then that the Vols’ nine assistants were going to make more than any other staff in the country.

The USA Today confirmed as much Tuesday in its report on coaching salaries. Tennessee’s nine assistants earn $3,325,000, which beats out second-place Texas nationally.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include head coaching salaries. If you add the head coach into the equation (Lane Kiffin makes $2 million per year), that would place the Vols’ total at $5,325,000, which would rank them fourth in the SEC.

Alabama ($6,602,551), LSU ($6,476,285) and Florida ($5,965,000) would all be higher when you add in the head coaching salary.

The Vols have the two highest paid assistants in the league in defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and recruiting coordinator/defensive line coach Ed Orgeron. Monte Kiffin earns $1.2 million plus a $300,000 bonus he will collect in December, while Orgeron earns $650,000.

Their combined salaries of $2,150,000 (counting Kiffin’s bonus) are more than the entire staff makes at Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and South Carolina.

Vanderbilt, being a private institution, did not release its coaching figures.

In addition to Monte Kiffin and Orgeron, the only other assistant in the league making more than $400,000 per year is LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis, who earns $469,917.

Alabama has four assistants making $300,000 or more and seven assistants making at least $250,000.

The lowest paid assistant in the league can be found at Ole Miss. Somebody on the Rebels’ staff is making $80,500.

Here are the numbers according to USA Today:

Tennessee: $3,325,000 (ranges from $110,000 to $1.2 million)

LSU: $2,725,285 (ranges from $155,000 to $469,917)

Alabama: $2,702,551 (ranges from $225,500 to $390,000)

Auburn: $2,560,000 (ranges from $210,000 to $370,000)

Arkansas: $2,034,888 (ranges from $148,000 to $378,238)

Georgia: $2,029,816 (ranges from $91,600 to $327,415)

Florida: $1,965,000 (ranges from $180,000 to $310,000)

Kentucky: $1,946,213 (ranges from $159,625 to $323,460)

South Carolina: $1,870,000 (ranges from $110,000 to $359,300)

Ole Miss: $1,843,608 (ranges from $80,500 to $365,500)

Mississippi State: $1,805,000 (ranges from $125,000 to $260,000)