Monday chat recap

Here's our wrap from today's chat. Here's a little preview if all that rain today had you sleeping this morning:

Pachy (SEC Blog)

How much can we actually take from the Bama's win with how poor Notre Dame played? Is Alabama just that good, or was Notre Dame just that bad?

Edward Aschoff (1:04 PM)

While I think that Alabama is a great team, I do think that Notre Dame showed it wasn't physically qualified to play in the national championship game. Notre Dame wasn't even close to being prepared for the Crimson Tide's speed. Did you see all of the awful angles taken by players?? Zeke Motta and Manti Te'o looked average at best in that game. A rematch with Texas A&M would have been much more exciting.

Brandon (Syracuse)

Do you feel that ace sanders has the potential to be a first rounder if he continues to make electrifying plays next year?

Edward Aschoff (1:05 PM)

I'm not sure he has first-round size, but he has NFL talent and I would be shocked if he wasn't drafted next year. He's a special player and can make a play in the blink of an eye. I just wonder if he's going to be looked at as more of a return guy than a wide receiver at the pro level because of his size.

Brad (Somewhere in MS)

Schedule looks tough for Miss State next season. Shouldn't be any excuse for a cup cake schedule if they get to 8 or 9 wins. With the returning starters on offense and shake ups on D. What's your "Wayyyy too early" predictions for Miss State next season

Edward Aschoff (1:08 PM)

Honestly, I think the mindset of that team needs to change first. We found out that the talent level on that defense wasn't great when the Bulldogs played good teams. I think all the talk about making a name and getting respect clouded this team's vision. It's all about execution on the field, but you have to have the right attitude. Having to play Oklahoma State to start the year will be tough and playing on the road against TAM and South Carolina back-to-back will be challenging as well. I think things will be tougher for the Bulldogs in 2013 ...

Mike (Macon)

Hey Ed; what's up with Chris Lowe ranking UGA behind SC? So he has to take it out on the team because he hates the fans so much? Oh and Mark Richt still needs to go.

Edward Aschoff (1:09 PM)

First off, it's Low. Secondly, he felt South Carolina had a better body of work and beat Georgia by four scores earlier in the year. Also, he doesn't hate Georgia fans and those who think Mark Richt should go are living in a sad, sad world.

Marilyn (San Antonio, TX)

How big of a pay raise should A&M give Sumlin? I don't think he wants to go anywhere anytime soon, but is it too early to lock him up tight?

Edward Aschoff (1:10 PM)

If I'm his boss I'm having a money truck back up to his house and just dump everything I can into his lap. He's that good and he'll get some big-time attention if the Aggies keep this up.