Can anybody tackle McCluster?

Ole Miss has missed some chances to pull away from Tennessee, in particular a short missed field goal and what appeared to be a touchdown pass that Shay Hodge couldn't hang onto in the first half.

But if the Vols can't tackle Dexter McCluster any better in the fourth quarter, it's not going to matter.

The Tennessee coaches were worried about not having freshman safety Janzen Jackson for this game. Jackson was one of the three Tennessee players arrested on attempted armed robbery charges earlier this week and didn't make the trip. He's been a big part of the Vols' defense this season.

And with McCluster running wild, the Vols' tackling hasn't been very good at all. They've appeared to be out of position several times. Then again, McCluster has a way of making everybody look out of position.

The guy is incredible at changing directions, and he's the hardest running 170-pound back you're going to find.

He made Eric Berry look silly on one of his runs down near the goal line before the Rebels went ahead 28-17.