Johnny Football going online this spring

By now, everyone has likely heard that Johnny Manziel is going online this semester. Instead of getting caught up in campus craziness, Manziel has decided to take all online classes this spring.

It's really not an uncommon thing for student-athletes to do, but because of who Manziel is (Mr. Heisman Trophy winner and all) this story is getting a lot of attention.

Manziel has insisted that he's going the online route to avoid more distractions that come with him being on campus and around Texas A&M's student body. While at the Fort Worth Club accepting the Davey O'Brien Award on Monday night, Manziel said he felt a little overwhelmed while attending an on-campus English class because of all the attention he received. After that, he decided he would move everything online.

“I went one day -- it was a small class of 20 or 25 -- and it kind of turned into more of a big deal than I thought,” Manziel said while at the event. “The [athletic department] did a good job of saying, 'Let us know if you need anything and we'll figure it all out,' but [by then] I had all online classes, so we didn't need that.”

Manziel's decision to go digital has raised some questions, and some are wondering if this is a sign that the rising redshirt sophomore is slowly distancing himself from college life before he opts to take his talents to the NFL after the 2013 season. He'll be three years removed from high school, meaning he'll be draft eligible, and it's pretty obvious that the 6-foot-1 QB won't be getting any taller, so it might benefit him to bolt for the NFL sooner rather than later.

But Johnny Football hasn't made that decision, yet.

As far as his decision to stay away from campus more, it might be a good thing for Manziel. He's risen to the ranks of being a national celebrity and has had various pictures of him from just about everywhere splashed all over the Internet. Everyone knows who he is. He'd be thrown to the sharks sitting in a classroom and there's no doubt that he'd become a distraction, which would obviously create more distractions in his life.

I don't have a problem with Manziel deciding to take online classes. He might be missing out on the college experience, but if this is a chance for him to get his studies in without more distractions, so be it. He's had two years to stroll around Texas A&M's campus, so I'm pretty sure there's nothing that's really new to him. And from all the pictures that have come out with Johnny Football's face in them, I'd say he's had enough time to enjoy the college experience.

And even though he won't be around his peers as much, something tells me he won't have an issue making new friends or still being social away from the classroom.

If this is a chance for him to become more grounded and focus more on school and football, then he's making a mature decision.

ESPN's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith talked about this very subject on "First Take" Tuesday. Here's the clip of their discussion.