Les Miles makes Harlem Shake masterpiece

You knew it was coming. There was no way of stopping it.

Les Miles has made a Harlem Shake video!

I could hardly contain myself when I saw the link to it. My emotions then exploded in a local coffee shop here in Atlanta when I finally saw the video.

You can't really describe Miles' "dancing" in this video, but his moves are no short of amazing. It's something only the Mad Hatter could pull off. It adds to the fun/quirkiness that is Les Miles.

He certainly has his critics, but there's no denying that Miles knows how to have fun. He's easily the most interesting/perplexing coach in the SEC and his players love him for that. And he makes dealing with him more intriguing for all of us media members. It really is refreshing.

Some of the other coaches in this league should learn to let their hair down every once in a while. Will Muschamp leading a Harlem Shake video? Steve Spurrier? Dare I say ... Nick Saban!

The Harlem Shake is getting old, but Miles momentarily made it cool.