Tournament challenge Week 1 update

Now that the first weekend of the NCAA tournament has come and gone, it's time to take a look at who is sitting at the top of our SEC blog bracket challenge.

Unfortunately, it isn't me (The ATL Kid). My late decision to make St. Mary's my Cinderella team really paid off. Cinderellas are supposed to fizzle out right when they get into the real Big Dance, right? I'm such a blockhead, and I'm tied for 325th with 380 points. I still have my Final Four intact -- Florida, Louisville, Ohio State and Syracuse -- so it isn't over.

Our leader is hotshotdre 1, who has 510 points. Nothing special about this bracket, just smart picks and right now this is the bracket to beat. Hotshotdre's Final Four is intact as well, with Florida, Indiana, Louisville and Ohio State still alive. Good luck.

Chris' bracket (The ATL Kid's cat) is sitting with 410 points, and along with Florida and Ohio State, Chris has Miami and Michigan State still alive in his Final Four. Chris also has Miami winning it all.

Hotshotdre and I both have Florida winning it all. This is still anyone's bracket.