Tough break for Hogs' Smith

This is not the way it was supposed to end for Arkansas senior running back Michael Smith.

His career at Arkansas is over after hamstring injuries flared up again this season. The school announced prior to Saturday's game that he will miss the remainder of this season.

Smith had hamstring surgery at the end of last season and missed the final game. He was never the same this season and was hampered by issues with his hamstring all year.

It's a shame that Smith doesn't get to finish this season with the rest of his class. He was one of the best stories going in the SEC last season, the way he carried the load for the Hogs despite his diminutive frame.

Who could ever forget his 35 carries in back-to-back games?

Smith wasn't the biggest back to ever play in this league, not even close. But few backs have run with as much heart and as much passion.