A trying offseason for Vandy, Franklin

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin has finally found time to rest. Seated in his organized, nearly glass-enclosed office, almost 13 hours after starting his day, his battery can finally recharge.

He's slouched, speaking with a slower and lower voice. The SEC's Energizer Bunny has nearly stopped.

For the first time during a day that began well before 6 a.m., Franklin has time to reflect. Non-football-related thoughts zip through his mind, as a reporter who followed him for an entire day asks him about the controversy swirling around his program.

Usually tight-lipped about matters not pertaining to X's and O's, Franklin relinquishes his guard. The ongoing investigation concerning four former players, who allegedly raped an unconscious 21-year-old coed at a campus dorm on June 23, has left Franklin and the entire Vanderbilt and Nashville community disgusted. The players have been dismissed, and a fifth, junior wide receiver Chris Boyd, has been suspended from the team after he was indicted earlier this month for allegedly giving one of the defendants advice on how to cover up the crime.

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