Kiffin confident nothing will come of probe

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin told reporters Thursday at a news conference to promote the Chick-fil-A Bowl that he knows of no wrongdoing involving him or his staff in the Vols' recruiting.

The NCAA is looking into the use of the Vols' hostesses in their recruitment of players. The New York Times reported that hostesses traveled to South Carolina to see prospects play back in September.

Kiffin told reporters that he expects this kind of scrutiny because the Vols are recruiting so well.

"I think that any time you're operating at the level we're operating at in recruiting, people are going to come after us," Kiffin said. "So people are going to question what we're doing."

Kiffin said he has not had any contact with NCAA investigators and expressed confidence that nothing would come out of this probe.

"People will always try to take shots at us," Kiffin said. "They will always try to bring us down, but it won't matter."