Head Ball Coach rooting for Paterno

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier isn't ready to say who his favorites are to play in the BCS National Championship Game.

He's also not ready to predict a Big 12 vs. SEC matchup.

But he does have a sentimental favorite -- 81-year-old Joe Paterno and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

"I'm rooting for JoePa, but he'll probably have one or two tough games down the stretch to go undefeated," Spurrier said.

Spurrier noted that the whole BCS race never ends up like everybody expects. He is predicting a big upset somewhere along the way.

"As we know, a lot of funny things happen those last two or three weeks where one team (loses) and all they have to do is maybe beat a team where they're heavily favored," Spurrier said. "A lot of upsets happen late in the year."