Clowney ticketed for going 110 mph

We all knew South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney was fast, but he took it to another level over the weekend.

Clowney was pulled over on Saturday and ticketed for going 110 mph in a 70-mph zone on a South Carolina interstate, troopers said. Clowney was allowed to drive away, but not before picking up a $355 fine and six points, which are half the points needed to suspend a driver's license.

Now before you you pile onto Clowney, it must be noted that he's OK and no one was hurt. Sure, it was stupid and reckless, but we've all done dumb things in our younger days. I never drove to extreme speeds like that, but there were plenty of instances in Gainesville, Fla., and Oxford, Miss., where many a bone could -- and probably should -- have been broken.

This isn't condoning what Clowney did because it was very, very dangerous, but it's another example of a youngster thinking he's invincible. It's an epidemic among college athletes and students, and luckily no one was hurt because of it.

This shouldn't affect his bowl preparation or his draft stock, but I'm sure coach Steve Spurrier will have something to say about it. Maybe Clowney will even hit a few more sprints here and there just to keep his head on straight.

We all make mistakes, and hopefully Clowney will learn from this one. No need to hit that accelerator to save a few minutes.